16th Jan2013

5 Korean Duet Love Songs

by Min

5 Korean Duet Love Songs

Here is my pick for 5 Korean Duet Love songs… I’d like to share my favorite Korean songs with you and introduce some Korean songs that you may not have heard before.

So, in this post, it’s about ‘Duet Song’. There are many Korean duet songs I like, however, I have just picked 5 that I have been listening to recently.

1. I need you – Huh Gak & Zia (허각 & 지아)

Huk Gak is the winner of SuperStar K Season 2 in 2010. It’s acoustic R&B style and I really like this song.

Korean Duet Love song - I need you- Huh Gak Zia


2. Love Day 러브데이- Yoseob & Eunji (요섭 & 은지)

Cute & Bright song. I love the part ” Mah ni Mah ni Jo Ah he”!

Korean Duet Love song - Love day Yoseob Eunji


3. If I have a lover 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일 – G.Na & Rain (지나 & 비)

This song has been a while, however, I love the cute lyrics.

Korean Duet Love song - If I want a lover GNa Rain


4. All For you 올포유 – Eun Ji & In Gook ( 정은지 & 서인국)

This song, ‘All For You’ was released more than 10 years ago. I remember listening to this song when I was in high school. Thanks to the hit Korean drama “Reply 1997″ in 2012, the couple of this drama, Eunji & In Gook (both are singers) did a remake of this famous song. The original version of “All For You” by group ‘Cool’ is a bit sad feeling, but this version is bright and happy.

Korean duet love song- all for you-Eunji InGook


5. My Valentine 마이 발렌타인 – Nichkhun & Taec Yeon (닉쿤 & 택연)

Korean Duet Love song - My Valentine - Nichkun TaecYeon

Ok.. I admit that I’m a bit slow in following up with the newest Korean Idols or KPOP. I’d say that I prefer Korean Indies or Classic Kpops. This song must be already famous and popular among KPOP  fans, especially 2PM fans (I like Nichkhun!!), but I found this song recently. It’s a great catchy song.


I hope you like my picks!:)

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