09th Feb2012

Everyday Korean – How to say “I love you” in Korean

by Min

사랑해요 Sa Rang He Yo

In this episode, we will learn the essential phrase for couples, which is “I love You.” in Korean. I’m sure you’ve heard many times from Korean songs or Korean dramas.

We say, “I love you”,

사랑해요 (Sa Rang He Yo)

For friends and people younger than you, you say,

사랑해 (Sa Rang He)

So usually, 사랑해요 to mom/dad and 사랑해 to boyfriend/girlfriend or friends…

Sometimes, in English, you add baby or darling, honey, when you say “I love you.”
Korean couples say, baby or darling, honey, as 자기 (Jah Gi) or 자기야 (Jah Gi Ya)
so, if you want to say, baby, I love you, then you say,

자기야 사랑해. Ja Gi Ya Sa Rang He.

I love you baby. Then,

사랑해 자기야 Sa Rang He Ja Gi Ya.

Be Careful!

In English speaking countries, I’ve heard boyfriends calling girlfriends ‘pumpkin pie’ or ‘my pumpkin’, but, it’s ‘no-no’ thing to say to Korean women. Because pumpkin in Korean is 호박 (Ho Bahk), and it’s equivalent meaning of ‘ugly face or ugly woman’. So, if you say that to Korean girl, she would think that you think of her as an ugly girl. Please don’t call your korean girlfriend ‘pumpkin’.


I love you – 사랑해요 Sa Rang He Yo

I love you. (to your friends, ppl younger than you )

사랑해 Sa Rang He

Baby, I love you – 자기야 사랑해 Ja Gi Ya Sa Rang He

I love you, baby. – 사랑해 자기야 Sa Rang He Ja Gi Ya


There is a Korean song, 자기야 사랑해 (Ja Gi Ya Sa Rang He), and it’s really cute and lovely song! please check it out!

Another good song to practice,’사랑해’ would be 2AM’s 사랑해 사랑해. Please check it out!


Please leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback! Thanks! 감사합니다.

Happy Studying! :)


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10 Responses to “Everyday Korean – How to say “I love you” in Korean”

  • PN

    Hi Min . Its qreat to know that theres someone here can help me out on my korean lanquaqe . I would like to know more about korean lanquaqe . Can you please pass me your num ? Gamsahamnida . (:

  • ellie

    Hello i wanted to ask on how you spell “We love you” because im not sure how you spell that in korean

    • Min

      “We love you” in Korean is the same as “사랑해요” (Sa Rang He Yo). In Korean, subject such as “I” and “We” are often omitted, therefore, usually, “we love you” is just 사랑해요. If you want to say specifically or literally “we love you”, we say “우리는 당신을 사랑해요.” (Woo Ri Nun Dahng Shinul Sa Rang He Yo.) But, Korean people would find it weird if someone says this or would think that a foreigner is saying this.

      In short, you can just say “사랑해요” as the same as “I love you.”

  • Haq

    Great info. Thanks for the lessons. Just a quick question. Would you still use Sa Rang He Yo to a mother/father or son/daughter?

    • Min

      Hi Haq, yes, you use ‘Sa Rang He Yo’ to your mother/father, but you say ‘Sa Rang He’ to your son/daughter because your son/daughter is younger than you, so you just say ‘Sa Rang He’. Hope this helps!

  • carlo

    love me

  • kimberly

    Thanks min! I really want to learn korean since i have been recently obssesed with watching korean dramas and i find their culture and language really interesting.So thanks to you if i ever meet my favorite korean actor (lee min ho ) wich i doubt i will ,i now know how to talk to him. :)

  • Erina

    Hello, thanks for lesson it was really useful :3
    But I have a question. For example, my friends and I often call each other “sweetheart” or “honey”. What should I use? Can it be “Jah Gi” for friend? Is it appropriate to use this word?

    thank you

    • Min

      Hi Erina,

      Thanks for your question.
      Hmm… I think it’s a bit weird to call “Jah Gi” to your close friends..

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