25th Jan2012

Everyday Korean – How to say “I’m Jason.” in Korean

by Min

How to say “I’m Jason.” (saying your name) in Korean.

저는 제이슨 입니다. Jeo Nun Jason Im Ni Da.

In this episode, we will learn how to say your name in Korean.

For example, my boyfriend’s name is Jason, so let’s say “I’m Jason.” in Korean.

We say, 저는 제이슨 입니다. Jeo Nun Jason Im Ni Da.

저는 Jeo Nun means “I”

Jason… your name

입니다 is like “am/is,”

So, the sentence order is ” I Jason am”.


Let’s try with different names.

My name is Min, so I’d say 저는 민 입니다. Jeo Nun Min Im Ni Da.

I’m Andy. Jeo Nun Andy Im Ni Da.

You can put your name in this sentence “저는 ____ 입니다.” (Jeo Nun ____ Im Ni Da.) to introduce yourself.


In English, when you introduce yourself, you can just say “I’m Min” or you can also say “My name is Min.” The phrase we learn in this episode, “저는 제이슨 입니다” is “I’m Jason”. If you want to specifically say, “My name is Jason.”, You can say, “제 이름은 제이슨 입니다” “Je Yi Reu Meun Jason Im Ni Da”. I think the first one is easier to remember for beginners and more commonly used.


Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy Studying!


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13 Responses to “Everyday Korean – How to say “I’m Jason.” in Korean”

  • Haidee

    wow! this is a great site! Anyeong ha se yo Min… =)
    Jeo Nun Haidee Im Ni Da..

    just thinking if I do have a korean name? haha. just like some korean persons which do have their english name. :D

    So happy to find out that there’s a thing like this. It’s very helpful.

    More power! Fighting! =)

    • Min

      Hi Haidee, for your Korean name, does your name sound the same as ‘Heidi’? If so, I can just write in Korean like this. 하이디
      If Haidee pronounces differently, please let me know so that I can write in Korean as per the pronunciation. Thank you!

  • Min,
    I just found your post helpful. Im not a Korean but I am in love with the Korean culture and language. I wish I would be able to speak Korean someday and have Korean friends.


    • Min

      Hi Kristian, Thank you for your comment and coming by my blog. Glad that my blog is helpful!

  • JinYiCrystalHeart

    how do you write Jin Yi in Korean?

  • Haidee

    Hi Min, =) I learned that if you are calling a person(girl) older than you, you may call her unni…. is it Okay if I call you unni? =)

    Ye, its sounds like Heidi.

    I found a site which produce a korean name and according to that site, my korean name is Park Ha Hee.. haha,, i don’t know if it’s true..

    • Min

      Yes, you can call me Min unni. :) haha
      I don’t know how the Korean name making site works, but it’s cool to make up a Korean name..
      Park Ha Hee is a nice name but it’s not exactly the same as your name ‘Haidee’ but quite similar.

  • Haidee

    Hi… =)

    Oh I see. I’m just curious, what is Haidee in korea? haha,, I mean is there any other equivalent name? Or just the hangul that makes it different. =)

    I’m just wondering how Korean people know their English name is this and that… :)

    Kamsahamnida Unni… =)

    • Min

      Hi Haidee, Korean people do not have English names. Just Korean name. Since it’s getting globalized or Korean people live overseas much these days, they tend to have English names (they pick whichever English name they want) because for foreigners, it’s difficult to pronounce Korean names.

      We just write in Korean as it sounds.. so in Korean, there isn’t any meaning for Haidee.

  • selena

    hi mine are u ok?where you from now?how old are you i love your country oh your very lucky did you see gangnum style from p.s.y?

  • selena

    avery body in any place please support GEM3S

  • Herlene Yu

    Hi Min I’m Herlene just want to check with you what is my Korean name ?

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