09th Jan2012

Everyday Korean – How to say “I’m Ok or It’s Ok” in Korean.

by Min

괜찮아요 Gwen Chan Ah Yo – I’m / It’s Ok.

In this episode, we will learn how to say “I’m Ok” or “It’s Ok” in Korean.

We say,

괜찮아요 – Gwen Chan Ah Yo.

The reason why I’m saying that it can be “i’m ok” or “it’s Ok” is that there is no subject in this phrase. So basically, it means “OK”.

For an informal way of this is 괜찮아 Gwen Chan Ah without “요 Yo” in the end.

So Let’s practice! If a stranger steps on your foot, the person would say “I’m sorry. Me Ahn He Yo

Then, you can say “괜찮아요 Gwen Chan Ah Yo“.

In a conversation :

A: 미안해요 Mee Ahn He Yo. (I’m sorry.)

B: 괜찮아요 Gwen Chan Ah Yo. (I’m Ok/ It’ Ok.)



I’m Ok/ It’s Ok – 괜찮아요  Gwen Chan Ah Yo.

To your friends or people younger than you:

I’m OK/It’s Ok – 괜찮아 Gwen Chan Ah.

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8 Responses to “Everyday Korean – How to say “I’m Ok or It’s Ok” in Korean.”

  • Diah Kenanga

    How to say I’m not okay, or It’s not okay in Korean? Many thanks =D

    • Min

      Hi Diah,

      If you want to say “I’m/It’s not okay.” You can say: 안 괜찮아요. ( Ahn Gwen Chan Ah Yo). You can just put ‘안’ (Ahn) before 괜찮아요.
      Thank you!

  • Shiela May

    Annyeong miss min, how about the ” are you alright? or are you okay?”
    hamsanida.. :)

    • Min

      Hi Shilea, Thank you for your question. In Korean language, to make a question is very easy. :) Just put the question mark in the end of sentence.
      So, “Are you OK?” or “Are you alright?” It’s 괜찮아요? (Gwen Chan Ah Yo?) That’s it! Easy!

  • María

    hi.when do you use araso? thanks alot. Kamsahamnida

    • Min

      Hi Maria, thanks for your question. 알았어 (Ah raht sso) means “I got it” or “I understood” and 알았어 (Ah raht sso) is used to your friends or people younger than you. In general, to say “I got it” or “I understood it”, you can say 알았어요.(Ah raht sso yo). Hope this helps. I will write one post about this one as well! :)

  • Filla

    I can read hangul but not really well . Do we have to silent ‘ㅎ’ in 괜찮아요 ?

    • Min

      Hi Filla,

      Thank you for your question. ‘ㅎ’sound in 찮 is silent as you said.
      So, it’s pronounced as 괜차나요.

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