16th Nov2011

Everyday Korean – How to say “I’m sorry” in Korean

by Min

미안해요 – Me Ahn He Yo

In this episode, we will learn how to say “I’m sorry.” in Korean.

We say, 미안해요 (Me Ahn He Yo).

For your friends or people younger than you, you say 미안해 (Me Ahn He)  without “yo” in the end.

The formal way to say it is 죄송합니다 (Jwe Song Ham Ni Da).

In a situation when you made a mistake at work, or when you should say I’m sorry to people older than you or people you don’t know well, you should say 죄송합니다 (Jwe Song Ham Ni Da), not 미안해요 (Me Ahn He Yo).


미안해요 (Me Ahn He Yo) – In general

미안해 (Me Ahn He) – To your friends or people younger than you

죄송합니다 (Jwe Song Ham Ni Da) – Formal way, to people older than you

Check out this video!

There’s a Korean song called 미안해요 by Gummy, featuring by handsome T.O.P from Big Bang (K-Pop). You may check out the music video and listen to how to pronounce 미안해요 (Me Ahn He Yo).

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. 감사합니다.

Happy Studying!



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