27th Jan2012

J.Rabbit – Korean Indie Group 제이레빗

by Min

J Rabbit – Korean Indie Group 제이레빗

As K-POP is so popular in Asia and now in pretty much all around the world, there are other good Korean singers not from JYP, SM, YG Entertainment groups. I’d like to introduce this Indie Group, J Rabbit, 제이레빗 to share their music with you.

J Rabbit 제이레빗

J Rabbit is women duo. One girl is playing all the instruments and the other girl is singing and her voice is amazing! In their album, it’s not all about love songs, (actually love songs is about 1 or 2.) and the rest of songs are mainly about life.

The timbre of the vocal is so clean, refreshing and amazing. The song itself is beautiful but her vocal makes the whole album so special.

I picked my fav 3 songs from J.Rabbit Album. When I was really down about my life, these songs really cheered me up and helped me stay positive and hope for a brighter life.

Unfortunately, no English translation of the lyrics available at the moment.

#1 요즘 너 말야 Lately, you…

#2 힘든가요 R U Tired?

#3 내일을 묻는다



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29 Responses to “J.Rabbit – Korean Indie Group 제이레빗”

  • kit

    Hi Min, I’m so excited when I chance upon your blog here! (I was searching for ‘happy new year’ in korean)
    i feel we have so much in common!
    i love korean indie group, like 10cm, ibadi… thanks for introducing j rabbit!
    and i loooove fighters and planes too! i particularly love f16, though i dont know why. ;) the Singapore Air Show 2012 will be here soon! are u going?

    i’ve watched both JSA and Tae Guk Gi. they are both awesome! and i wanna watch The Front Line. have you watched it? :)

    • Min

      Hi Kit, Thanks for checking out my blog. How do you get to know Korean Indie groups? It seems that you know more about it than me. ;) Do you search them or how do you get to know all these indie bands? I’m no expert but I’ll write up if I find any indie groups or less-known than KPOP idol groups. You like Fighters, too? cool.. I have been going to Singapore Air Show since 2008. But, this year, I’m not sure if I can go because I’m going back to Korea that week. Let me know how it is if you go. :)

      I haven’t watched the Front line yet. Some ppl say it’s good, but some say it’s bad….so I haven’t watched it. Maybe I’ll watch it when i’m back in Seoul…

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  • abigurl

    hi, i first saw them while watching arirang channel. I’m a filipina by the way. :P i fell in love with the melody, and the voice. my favorite song is “love is so amazing”. it is so refreshing. would you know if they have album out here in the PI? thanks!

  • jingelbells

    I discovered j.rabbit in Operation proposal and at first I thought the songs were sung by Park Eun Bin but then I found out that it was not! Great songs, with refreshing tones and melody! Super Nice!

  • pumpkin

    Hi!!! I just discovered the amazingness of J Rabbit and just downloaded their new album Looking Around and I am just in awe of the girl’s vocals and the duos music in general. It’s just so happy and relaxing. It’s kinda nice to listen something other than popular high energy kpop songs sometimes :D If you know any other korean indie groups like them I would love to know :D

  • hanhan

    their song in Operation Proposal are great! are they Hallyu star now?hehe because they are so great. I love J Rabbit :)))

    • Min

      I love ‘If you love me’ from Operation Proposal, too! Actually I’m listening to it now.. haha.. I may not call them Hallyu star yet but I hope they will be in the future. They recently released their 2nd album. All songs are great in 2nd album, too. I’ll write a new post about their 2nd album soon!

  • nadiah

    Have you guys heard Kim Jin Pyo’s song feat J.Rabbit in his latest album? LOVE.IT. Super adorbs <3

  • OSCA


    I just listening their music today, and…WOW..they are amazing…!!!

    recommend for you all whom love k-indie music


  • Brett

    Wow-great music. The rhythm and beat is superb. So much better than glam K-pop. Real music.

  • Hi! J Rabbit recently guested in KBS’ Kiss The Radio when SHINee Onew and Key were the guest DJs. I’m a big SHINee fan and was kind of more interested in the DJs than the guests but the J Rabbit girls were too good to ignore! I’m falling in love with Korean Indie Music and the other girl duo i like is Dalmoon! Amazing blog post on them too! Thanks for this! <3

    • Min

      Hi Dana, Thank you for your comment. It feels great that more people get to know about J Rabbit. It’s good for them as well as J Rabbit fans like me. There are awesome Korean Indie songs out there. I’ll try to write more Korean Indie bands. Thank you!

  • I’m so fed up with all the K-pop music though some are good. J Rabbit’s songs simply relax me and the melody is amazing. I really like indie music and I think Korean indie bands are upcoming. J Rabbit is definitely on top of my list as well as another K-indie band, Standing Egg. Big Love.

    • Min

      Hi Flora, Yes, I agree with you. I’m getting fed up with the same-o-same-o KPOP music as well. J.Rabbit and other indie bands are showcasing great music.
      I’ll write more about Indie bands that I find great. So far, haven’t found an amazing band like J.Rabbit. :)

  • santa-na

    She has a beautiful voice, I love unique voices, and the other girl is really talented (still yet to learn their names). I wish I could play at least one but she can play 3 or was it more who cares shes awesome.

    • Min

      Hi Santa-na, yes, she has a beautiful voice. I agree! The other girl is so talented. I can play piano a little and that’s it! I wish I have so much musical talent like her. Maybe next life… haha.. The name of the vocal is Hyesun Jung (정혜선) and the other girl is Da Woon Jung (정다운). Both of their last name is 정 (Jung) and they both were born in the year of rabbit.

  • iru

    hi J rabbit, i’m form indonesia , i’m really like your song, your voice and really like your expression when you sing the song and playing a musical instrument…. you are truly amazing. ^_^. Success for J Rabbit \^^/

  • Luciana

    Hi Min, thanks for sharing! beautiful songs from talented young women. I have no idea what they are saying since I don’t speak korean but I love how they sound. Will you pleeeease continue recommending awesome indie music like these girls? greetings from Argentina ;)

    • Min

      Hi Lucina,

      Thank you from coming my my blog. Wow! you’re from Argentina! :)
      Yes, I’ll keep posting about any good Korean music.
      Thank you and please visit my blog often! :)

  • ayien

    may i know what is the name of the song of the third vid..thanks ^^

    • Min

      Hi Ayien,

      the name of the song is 내일을 묻는다 which can be translated as ‘Ask about tomorrow’ or ‘questioning about tomorrow’.
      Do you like this song?

  • J.rabbit !! I love you !! Love all your songs !! Love it so much !!
    Your first song which i hear is If you love me – ost operation proposal. Falling in love for first hear !! Keep going and fighting !! now i become your fans from Indonesia hihihi.

    • Min

      Hi Cindy,

      I love the song ‘If you love me’, too. I like both original and acoustic version.
      Thanks for stopping by here and I’m a great fan of J.Rabbit, too.

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